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Used car prices fell 2.4% in June 2016

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Used car prices

Wholesale costs for vehicles up to eight years recently fell in price by 0.8%.

While monthly depreciation was the foremost recorded in 2016, this June’s performance was solely slightly worse than the typical a pair of.2-percent decline for a similar amount over the previous four years.

As a result, nix used automobile Guide’s seasonally adjusted used-vehicle indicant was just about flat at 119.9, down by simply two-tenths of a p.c. Continue reading

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The best used cars between £7,000 and £8,000 – Used Car Guide

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Used Car Guide

British automobile Auctions claim that values have reached their highest purpose ever — or, at least, yet.

Apparently fleet, lease and part-exchange vehicles area unit in vast demand, and therefore the result’s rising values. The typical value of a second hand automobile is currently £8261, to be terribly precise. It won’t last, as a result of high summer means that holidays heaps|and much|and plenty} of others things for individuals to try to instead of lollygag around automobile lots. Continue reading

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It’s official Traffic Cameras is famous!

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Traffic Cameras review

For a long time now we’ve known we’re one of a kind. There’s just no service out there like ours. Whether or not you’re on the M6, M25, M62 or M1 thousands and thousands of you have visited us to check on the state of traffic congestion and flag traffic jams for the benefit of your fellow users. Finally we’ve been recognised by Web User magazine, an authority in the world of digital services out there and below is a snapshot of the review.  We’ve just begun our journey and it will only get better! Continue reading

M25 traffic news

Who checks out traffic news m25 last 10 minutes?

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traffic news m25 last 10 minutes

If you do you’re one of the 150,000 regular users who navigates this stretch of 117 miles every day.  That’s a lot of users and significantly a lot of people, even if say 10%, who would be checking out services to let them know how their commute is likely to pan out.  As a matter of fact traffic news m25 last 10 minutes is vital to the economy as being the central hub in and out of the capital, London, no mode of road transport can avoid this important stretch of the UK’s motorway network.

This poses the question is it wise for the UK to be so reliant on one stretch of the motorway and with more and more people having to commute from outside of London due to the increasing costs to buy or rent a home within London itself, it’s going to get a whole lot busier as time goes by?  Continue reading