All hail the taxicab ‘the’ mode of transportation (and erm Uber)?

Fact: Manilla has the worst traffic in the world (Waze)

Fact: Alleviating congestion is an absolute must

Question: Uber is the solution?

Traffic stands congested in Manila

Traffic stands congested in Manila

To alleviate this congestion there’s typically one of two solutions, one is to reduce the number of cars on the road.  The second option is to increase the number of people with cars re-using them for other people – this is where apps such as Uber come in.

Although quite straight forward, looking underneath the surface one can see issues – highlighted by Wired magazine.

Uber has come up against a unique set of cultural challenges that underscore the fact that Silicon Valley solutionism doesn’t always translate tidily when it’s exported abroad. The system is prone to middlemen and ripe for exploitation by government officials. To be fair, a lot of city residents seem to love it. But I’m not sure anyone is getting anywhere any faster.

So, back to option 1!  Traffic Cameras is a unique solution where you can actually identify levels of congestion before you set off on a journey thereby reducing the number of cars on the road and by default lowering the levels of congestion.

Drive safely guys!

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