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It’s official Traffic Cameras is famous!

Traffic Cameras review

For a long time now we’ve known we’re one of a kind. There’s just no service out there like ours. Whether or not you’re on the M6, M25, M62 or M1 thousands and thousands of you have visited us to check on the state of traffic congestion and flag traffic jams for the benefit of your fellow users. Finally we’ve been recognised by Web User magazine, an authority in the world of digital services out there and below is a snapshot of the review.  We’ve just begun our journey and it will only get better!

Traffic Cameras review

Traffic Cameras review

Welcome to our TrafficCameras.info.  A report in The Telegraph newspaper in 2011 found that Britons spent an average of 10 hours per week driving – that’s a huge 520 hours every year!  That’s why we believe a service like ours is very important and below is how we can help.  For Motorway Traffic Cameras the user utilises our live feed of camera images across the UK road and motorway network.  By reviewing a journey in advance, users are able to identify any potential congestion problems and make alternative arrangements.  The key benefits include the following.

  • Users avoid traffic
  • Save fuel by avoiding sitting in traffic for prolonged periods of time
  • By avoiding traffic, congestion is reduced and more importantly carbon emissions are also reduced – thereby helping the environment

This could be the start of a great journey!

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