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The best used cars between £7,000 and £8,000 – Used Car Guide

Used Car Guide

British automobile Auctions claim that values have reached their highest purpose ever — or, at least, yet.

Apparently fleet, lease and part-exchange vehicles area unit in vast demand, and therefore the result’s rising values. The typical value of a second hand automobile is currently £8261, to be terribly precise. It won’t last, as a result of high summer means that holidays heaps|and much|and plenty} of others things for individuals to try to instead of lollygag around automobile lots.

Average costs invariably vary looking on once you’re shopping for and wherever you’re, and to several, £8thousand feels like a great deal to pay on a second hand automobile. It is, though, a mirrored image of the actual fact that new automobile patrons area unit disbursement a lot of, and there’s, of course, the psychedelic drug churn of three-year-old cars getting into the system. That the challenge in the week is to seek out a median used automobile for eight grand.

Actually no, not a median used car; we’re invariably on the lookout for one thing that’s a minimum of attention-grabbing. As a result, I’m happy to report that it’s straightforward to seek out a good Used Car Guide.

Used Car Guide  Mercedes-Benz_SL500

Mercedes-Benz SL 500? Affirmative, you’ll be able to get a 2002 example with a just-run-in mileage of forty, thousand for that, marvelous.

How a few Volkswagen Golf R32? The V6 hot hatch has much perspective and just about 250bhp, and you’ll be able to acquire a 2007 example with not up to seventy, thousand miles for £8thousand. Result.

However, if you would like to win the recent hatch HP war, there are a unit Ford Focus ST-3s in circulation, once more with not up to seventy, thousand miles on the clock and from 2008.

And there’s no reason to lollygag around the non-public ads and dodgy dealers like I do. Instead, you’ll be able to go down the manufacturer-approved route and bag yourself a 2009 mini Convertible in one.6 Cooper S trim, as well as chilly pack.

I’ve not mentioned the Audi A5 abundant, however i feel it’s a grown-up and rather handsome grand toured. There are a unit 2008 model year (pictured above) three.0 TDI Sport Quattro’s at round the £8k mark with one hundred twenty five, thousand miles on the clock, and they’re value a review. With a V6, 250bhp and wheel drive, a 2007 VW Golf R32 may be a serious automobile for £8k.

On the topic of Audis, a 2004 S4 Avant with a four.2 V8 and a trendy Alcantara interior was tempting. a pleasant bit was the total history it came with.

Used Car Guide  Honda Civic one.8 i-VTEC SE

If I wished one thing a lot of up to now, a 2012 Honda Civic one.8 i-VTEC SE with not up to thirty, thousand miles appeared like fun — which was at an automobile grocery store.

Finally, I found a 2011 Abarth five hundred with not up to thirty,thousand miles showing. I encountered such a lot of decree 500s during this bracket that i used to be tempted to say a Lounge, however I control out.

So you see, there is also a median used automobile value, however there’s no such factor as a median used automobile — provided you look laborious enough.

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