The price to pay for a good time

It’s happened again, problems at Alton Towers.  Following the tragic event recently when a ride caused severe injuries to several individuals, there’s been problems again, this time on a different roller-coaster. 

Alton Towers Air ride

Alton Towers Air ride

A normal entry ticket to a typical theme park can cost you £50 which is an awful lot of money for poor service (or much worse) and that’s before you contemplate how long it may have taken you to get there and then further queuing up to get in.   Undoubtedly certain events are out of everyone’s control however this doesn’t help the end customer.

At Traffic Cameras we like to think we have part of the solution.  Using our service at the very least you can judge on the best route to get to your desired theme park/location and ensure you get there as hassle free as possible.  Remember you can receive traffic update alerts for free on three favourite cameras and for only £1 a month you get unlimited access!

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