Concerned About A30 Traffic News? Here Are The Updated Methods For Uk A30 Traffic Updates And Cameras

A30 Traffic News

A30 Traffic News:

The A30 traffic road is a crucial route from Land’s End to the South West and connects London. With 284 miles, the road ranks third among A-roads in Great Britain. The only lengthier routes are the A1 (396 miles) and the A38 (309.8 miles). The 284-mile route, which originates in Hounslow, has a variety of purposes. It began in the London suburbs as a high-capacity arterial thoroughfare before being replaced by the more recent A303. The road regains significance as a significant expressway serving Devon and Cornwall when it reaches Honiton.

Before it ends at the famed Land’s End, mainland Britain’s most south-western point, the A30’s essential stops along the way are Egham, Popham, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Yeovil, Exeter, and Penzance. The A30 has undergone various improvement projects, such as realignments to increase the safety of curves and dual carriageway bypasses. Nowadays, most of the road from Honiton to Penzance is dual carriageway.

A30 Devon Traffic:

The medieval coaching road, which started at Hyde Park Corner, was depicted in John Ogilby’s 1675 map of Britain. The A30 largely follows the path of the former coaching road. The southwest stretch of the A30 is one of the more pleasant routes to travel along in the UK because of the gorgeous rolling hills of Devon, the charming settlements of Cornwall, and the spectacular landscape of Bodmin Moor. Also check Curious About The Traffic On The A13? 

The A30’s Deadliest Intersections:

If you intend to drive on this busy road, check the most recent A30 traffic updates first to help you avoid traffic jams, construction zones, and accidents. This route sees much traffic because it is a vital link between London and Land’s End. Typical hotspots include the following intersections:

M5 Sowton Interchange A30 A3015

High traffic is present at this intersection due to motorists attempting to use it as part of lengthy trips between the A30 and M5. Unfortunately, the junction was designed to be free-flowing. However, it has become congested and convoluted, with braided slip lanes and traffic signals.

Chiverton Cross Roundabout:

This roundabout in Cornwall saw 29 injury collisions occur.

Highgate Hill Roundabout:

This roundabout at Indian Queens on the A30 experienced ten crashes and three fatalities or severe injuries in the same three-year time frame.

Junction of Polyphant Village:

The eastbound carriageway of this road merges into the A30 before meeting a very sharp right turn immediately after. Unfortunately, to access the A30 traveling westbound, local traffic must cross the eastbound road. To get to the community of Polyphant, westbound vehicles must also cross the eastbound highway.

Hubs For Mishaps On The A30:

The 284-mile-long A30 is a vital conduit connecting London and Land’s End. It indicates that much traffic uses the road every day. Consequently, this does suggest that there are many traffic accidents on the road. It’s usually a good idea to research A30 traffic news before leaving.

During the Cornwall summer break, Highways England Traffic Officers tested a patrol service along the A30. The area of the A30 between Carland Cross and Lifton Down was one of the problem hotspots.

The Chiverton Cross Roundabout, where 29 injury collisions were reported in three years, was one of the deadliest places on the A30. Four fatalities or severe injuries were noted during this.

The A30’s Highgate Hill Roundabout at Indian Queens saw ten collisions, three resulting in fatalities or serious injuries.

Right-turning traffic from the A39 onto the A30 is impeded by westbound stopped traffic on the A30.

Right-turning traffic from the A39 is entirely obstructed by slowing or stopping westbound A30 traffic at the roundabout. The wait for this turn on the A39 during rush hour might easily exceed 45 minutes. Although “Keep Clear” is painted across part of the A39 entry at this roundabout, it is frequently covered by stalled A30 traffic and disregarded.

A pretty easy fix would be to identify the A39 exit with a noticeable yellow hashed “boxed junction” marking and the vital signs (and provide some enforcement for this and the blatant use of the “left turn only” exit lane from the A39 to turn right an inherently dangerous and unacceptable maneuver). This issue has been ongoing for a while. However, it has worsened due to the continuing A30 upgrade work slowing down westbound traffic.

A30 Traffic Roadwork:

As you might anticipate, given that it connects London with Land’s End, the A30 is frequently looked at for improvements. Along the route, there are often temporary road construction projects going on. With travel information from the A30, you may use the service to discover and plan for probable delays on your trip. Also check A40 Traffic Giving You Pauses?

A30 Carland Cross To Chiverton:

The proposed A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross Project was expected to cost £290 million, with construction beginning in 2020 and ending in 2023. This project will help this section of the A30 make much-needed improvements.


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