Best electric cars

best electric cars

By now you’ve at least heard of electric cars and EV’s. Even maybe what the best electric cars are out there. This, coupled with the news that 2030 is the year that both diesel and petrol cars manufacturing ends. Also check Interested in M6?

It would seem we’re all sailing into a bright EV future. But, just like anything e.g. Covid-19, Brexit, we might want to take a pause and reflect on the size of the task ahead.

Quick question. How old is your car? Therein, for a vast proportion of us anyway, lies one of the challenges. Roughly speaking it could be as long as 30 years. Yes that’s 3-0 – 30.

So even after 2030, we may have non-EV cars in circulation until 2060. Scary. Indeed. So whilst it’s good to be on the search for the ‘best electric cars’, just be wary it’s not the end of fossil fuel cars for good.

And that’s why we, at Trafficly, have a solution for users until at least 2060. You may have varied reasons for not being able to purchase an EV. Remember EV’s emit more CO2 in the manufacturing stage than non-EV.

But, whatever the reason, and indeed whatever the car, we don’t want anyone to stop helping the environment. Trafficly will help you work towards becoming carbon neutral in your daily driving routine.

No change necessary.

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