Our environmental policy

Our environmental policy Trafficly’s purpose in life is to bring about a behavioural change in how we go about our daily commute. By avoiding peak, congestion times drivers can not only save fuel but also lower carbon emissions which build up and are concentrated in the event of a traffic jam. Our...

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carbon footprint

Carbon footprint – analyse this

It’s often said that size isn’t important, but is this actually true? We are of course talking about measuring the impact of your carbon footprint. That’s what you were thinking as well wasn’t it? COP26 is the talk of the town at the moment, well Glasgow anyway. Many countries will pledge...

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co2 emissions

Let’s talk about CO2 emissions

Probably not the best time at the moment, but let’s talk about CO2 emissions, baby. Let’s talk about all the good bits… Whether we like it not all our cars emit CO2 in one way or form. You may have, incorrectly, assumed that electric vehicles don’t – but they do. The key...

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car pool

Brits hate car pooling

It’s official. Brits hate car pooling. Yes we gave the world Carpool Karaoke but that’s where the buck stops. The problem, it seems, is we’re a little sensitive on sitting with strangers. After all didn’t our parent’s teach us not to speak to strangers. Well, we’re proud to say not only did...

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