KO CO2 emissions by reducing congestion

Advance apologies, this isn’t a post about football but…you’re going to need some retro gaming experience to get the title and intro. (Comment below and if you get the link right you’ll get a, cheap, prize.) Onto the serious matter of CO2. There’s lots of different methods, theories, potential solutions...

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Post-lockdown race?

Well, it's officially the end of the first phase of Lockdown, or Lockdown 1.0. Hospitality, hair and something else beginning with H have begun to re-open. But is this the beginning of the post-lockdown race? The reason we're intrigued is because we've seen a huge...

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Why I love Motorsport

Sitting on the sofa in your front room, watching the cars or bikes whizz around the track at breakneck speeds is great. The commentary, the live footage of the action from the best viewpoints on the circuit and the updates direct from the pit wall all add to the spectacle. But when...

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