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There’s a saying that seeing is believing. Well, it appears that when it comes to avoiding traffic, that couldn’t be more truer. Traffic cameras could be useful.

For example, how many times has your route planner, aka Google maps, told you you’re probably going to hit traffic about halfway on your journey? Yet, despite this we still go off on our journey and are surprised when, lo and behold, we encounter traffic halfway on our journey.

The problem, we think, is that as humans we’re visual people. That’s why we love Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And that, dear audience, is why we think at Trafficly we might be able to resolve one or two of your traffic jam woes.

Yes, we utilise live traffic cameras from our friends at the Highways Agency. This is in a bid to reinforce the fact that traffic ahead really does mean there’s traffic ahead.

So before you set off, or maybe if you’ve stopped on your journey for a coffee, sit back and actually see the traffic ahead of you. Amazing don’t you think?

And obviously by avoiding traffic, everyone’s journeys get that bit less congested. And that sits quite nicely against our environment policy. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Now, is there a good vegetarian alternative to chicken?

So what are you waiting for? Get involved now and let us know what you think in the comments below. Thank you.

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