Christmas Getaway Trips: Drivers Make 21 Million Before Christmas

Christmas Getaway Trips: Drivers Make 21 Million Before Christmas

Drivers Set To Make 21 Million Christmas Getaway Trips Before The Big Day

Traffic Cameras surveyed 2,100 drivers and found that 21 million Christmas getaway trips are planned between now and Christmas Eve, with 60% of these trips taking place in the three days before the 25th.

Since Christmas is on a Monday this year, leisure traffic will slowly rise over the next week. From 2.2 million on Thursday, December 21, to 3.2 million on Friday, December 22, it will rise 43%. The most leisurely automobile travels are scheduled between Friday, December 22, and Christmas Eve. It’s expected to be 13.5 million this year, 20% more than the previous year.

Christmas Eve vacations equal “Fantastic Friday” at 3.2 million. Friday is busier because vacationers will share the roads with commuters, and parents are picking up their children from school. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day, 3.5 million travellers are expected, making roadways crowded. But major delays should happen less often if there isn’t the usual mix of business, commuter, and school traffic.

Rush Hour For Christmas Getaway Trips 2023 In The UK

From Friday, December 22, to Sunday, December 24, there will likely be daily waits of approximately 40 minutes on the M25 clockwise west of Greater London, according to experts in transport analytics.

Along the M25 between the M23 and the M40 for Birmingham on December 23, the longest delay is likelyPeople heading north and west of London use this route.

On the same day, drivers going anticlockwise between J17 and J12 should also expect to wait about 30 minutes longer. Traffic will be worse on the M1 North between Woburn and Daventry and the M6 South from Wigan to Stafford before the 25th.

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At What Point In The Christmas Season In 2023 Is It Busy To Drive In The UK For Christmas Getaway Trips?

On most major roads over the pre-Christmas weekend, the busiest time to travel will be from noon to two o’clock in the afternoon. Traffic cameras will be telling drivers to avoid trips during lunchtime. The best travel times on December 22nd and 23rd will be before 11 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Drivers should be able to get to their loved ones with a little less traffic.

Alice Simpson stated that since Christmas is on a Monday this year, drivers can take vacations the weekend prior. We recommend leaving early on Saturday and Sunday, the busiest driving days. People work hard to keep their cars operating on holiday trips to see family and friends. ‘FORCES’ is a word that can help you remember to check your car’s fuel, oil, rubber, coolant, electrics, and screenwash before a long trip.

This is especially important if your route goes along an A-road or motorway, which is where most delays are likely to happen this year. Although it’s positive that the government has removed the majority of roadworks from high-speed roads, an increase in drivers could mean an increase in breakdowns.

According to another researcher, drivers could face 20% greater travel times this holiday season. In contrast, Greater London drivers could face more than double-journey times. Avoid peak commuting hours and employ traffic cameras to reduce holiday traffic.

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Ways to Beat the Christmas Traffic

Suppose you’re one of the large numbers of individuals who will be driving for Christmas getaway trips. In that case, there are a couple of things you can do to assist with staying away from the most obviously terrible of the traffic. The following are a couple of tips:

  • Travel early or late in the day. Outside of peak hours, there is typically less traffic on the roads.
  • Try not to go on the most active days if possible; make an effort to travel on a weekday or on Christmas Day itself, when traffic is less heavy.
  • Use an app for traffic. A traffic application can assist you with arranging your course and keep you away from the most terrible of deferrals.
  • Everybody is attempting to get where they need to go on time, so be patient and pleasant to different drivers.

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