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Aviva Travel Insurance Reviews

Review of Aviva Travel Insurance: One Flexible Plan

We like that Aviva only offers one basic level of travel insurance. It makes it easier for customers to buy insurance. It keeps them from choosing between different (and sometimes confusing) levels of coverage. However, baggage is not a typical inclusion, unlike most other travel insurance plans (but it can be added for an additional cost). Aviva travel insurance might be a good choice because it’s not too expensive, and if you buy it online, you can get a 10% discount. However, you’ll need to explore other options if you require insolvency coverage. Reasonable pricing, but you’ll need to add baggage and travel delays as extras.



  • A 10% discount for applications submitted online.


  • Covering insolvency
  • Not paying extra for baggage cover



Review of Aviva Travel Insurance: What You Should Know

Aviva provides a straightforward and adaptable approach to travel insurance. With cancellation and emergency medical coverage, you can purchase single-trip or multi-trip (year) policies; sadly, baggage and travel disruption are not included as standard. Airspace closure, winter sports, golf, scuba diving, and business coverage are other options that can be purchased.

Does Aviva Travel Insurance cover trips to the United Kingdom?

Aviva policies cover trips to the UK as long as you have a place to stay for at least two nights in a row. Existing circumstances Pre-existing conditions may be covered by Aviva, but you must first disclose them and obtain pre-approval.

 When should you inform Aviva?

  • In the previous 12 months, you received guidance, medication, or treatment for any severe illness, injury, or disease.
  • You anticipate staying with someone who has a significant illness, accident, or disease;
  • You are awaiting test results for any diagnosed or undiagnosed problem;

Over 65s: For annual multi-trip policies, people over 65 are eligible up to age 75, and for single-trip coverage, up to age 80.

Aviva Travel Insurance Key Benefits:

  • One level of coverage with additional services offered for a fee
  • Insolvency is not covered. The baggage cover is not standard but is an add-on.
  • Single-trip Cover for trips up to 120 days
  • Coverage for multiple trips of up to 31 days (or up to 90 days for an additional fee)
  • Upper age limits of 75 for Annual Multi-Trip and 79 for Single Trip
  • Optional extras: winter sports, golf, scuba, baggage, airspace closure, and travel disruption
  • Longer trips can get coverage for more extended stays, and online applications get a 10% discount.

Price comparison for Aviva:

Traffic Cameras analysis shows that Aviva’s pricing is generally in line with the UK market’s average price for travel insurance. Even though Aviva’s basic plans seem cheap compared to the norms of the market at first, they don’t cover luggage or travel delays by default. So, we got quotes for policies that covered baggage and travel interruptions in other places, like Europe and the United States. The accompanying charts show that, in comparison to market averages, Aviva’s single-trip plans offer a little bit greater value.

Please only use the following information about the travel insurance market for general educational reasons. Insurance quotes can fluctuate significantly daily and according to each individual’s characteristics. Your quotations may show a significant amount of fluctuation.

Aviva Quote Comparison:

Geographical Cover Aviva (with Baggage and Travel Disruption Cover) Aviva (no extras) Market Average
Europe £51 £40 £44
World excl. USA, Canada & Caribbean £67 £48 £64
World incl. USA, Canada & Caribbean £77 £54 £74
Single Trip
Europe £22 £21 £18
World excl. USA, Canada & Carib. £33 £29 £34
World incl. USA, Canada & Carib. £36 £32 £42


Cost of Additional Charges:

We’ve also gotten quotes for annual, worldwide plans for a single 30-year-old man from different parts to show how much extra you might pay for extras like baggage, travel interruption, or winter sports. If you’re thinking about adding more coverage, it can be helpful to have a rough idea of how much it will cost. Quotes may vary based on the details of your application. However, the table below gives you a general idea of how much it will cost to add travel insurance.

Estimated Costs Including Add-On Extras for an Annual, Multi-Trip Policy (quotes for a single male, 30 years old)
Europe World excl. USA, Canada & Carib. World incl. USA, Canada & Carib.
Baggage £44.5 £56.1 £63.5
Winter Sports £62.4 £5.0 £99.3
Airspace closure (e.g., volcanic ash) £49.5 £58.1 £63.6
Travel Disruption £46.4 £59.2 £67.2
Extended stay
45 days £42.2 £52.4 £58.9
60 days £45.3 £57.4 £65.1
90 days £49.0 £63.4 £72.4
Golf £47.0 £55.7 £61.1
Scuba £67.5 £76.1 £81.6
Business £95.4 £104.0 £109.5


Significant Qualities:

After reviewing the policy documents, the following feature highlights have been identified. Of course, Aviva insurance also includes standard features like medical and personal liability coverage, the limitations of which can be seen below in the Policies. Also check Looking For M180 Traffic News?

Features of Aviva Travel Insurance:

  • Optional additional baggage insurance for lost or damaged luggage up to £1,500 (£100 excess per person); 400 pounds total; 400 pounds per valuable item
  • Insolvency Of a tour operator, travel agent, airline, or another service provider
  • Winter Sports Optional additional coverage for equipment up to £500 (£100 excess per person); avalanche delay up to £200; piste closure limit up to £300; and inability to participate due to illness or accident up to £200
  • Additional golf insurance is optional and covers clubs and equipment up to £1,500 (with a $100 deductible per player) and green fees.
  • Scuba Diving 5 dives up to 15 meters are included; an add-on is available to cover as many as 21 dives at a depth of 30 meters.
  • Optional additional protection for unexpected airport or airspace shutdown; (£100 excess per person). Extended cancellation Cover up to £5,000; Extended Stay Abroad Cover up to £1,500 (with no bunch)
  • Travel disruption optional additional coverage for non-recoverable travel and lodging costs in case of trip cancellation or early return; Extended Cancellation Coverage Up To £5,000 (£100 Excess Per Person); Extended Abandonment Coverage Up To £5,000 (Same £100 Excess); £25 For Each 12-Hour Delay And A Delayed Departure Benefit Of £250 For Flight Delays Outside The UK; Covers Strike Or Industrial Action, Severe Snowfall, Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel Advisories, Food Poisoning, Pandemic Or Catastrophic Damage Directly A (no cover if the advice or measures were in place or had been announced at the time of purchasing your policy, adding Travel Disruption or booking your trip, whichever is later).

Different Travel Insurance Policies from Aviva:

Aviva offers both single-trip and multi-trip travel insurance, with add-ons like baggage, winter sports, airspace closure (like from volcanic ash), travel disruption, extended stay (45, 60, or 90 days), golf, scuba diving, and business cover.

Single Trip: Up to 120 days of travel are covered by Aviva’s Single Trip travel insurance.

Annual Multi-Trip: For travelers between the ages of 16 and 75, Aviva’s Annual Multi-Trip insurance covers international journeys up to 31 days in length. (You can extend the protected holidays to 90 days for an additional fee.)

Aviva Cover Limits (Single & Annual Multi-Trip)

Limits (per person, per trip)
Emergency medical treatment up to £10 million
Lost or stolen passport up to £750
Lost or stolen money to £400 for cash and bank notes(£500 overall)
Legal expenses up to £50,000
Cancellation and abandonment up to £5,000 per person
Missed international departures up to £1,000
Replace essential items if baggage is delayed more than 12 hours up to £150


Optional Add-On Extra Cover Limits


Limits (per person, per trip) Excess (per person, per incident)
Baggage cover
Overall limit £1,500 £100
Limit for any one article, pair or set £400
Limit for valuables (as defined in policy booklet) £400
Winter Sports cover
Winter sports equipment
– own equipment £500 £100
– hired equipment £400 Nil
– hire of replacement equipment £200 Nil
– loss or stolen lift pass £200 Nil
Delay due to Avalanche £200 Nil
Piste Closure limit £300 Nil
– Daily benefit (transport & compensation) £30 Nil
Ski Pack £300 Nil
Inability to take part in Winter Sports Activities £200 Nil
– daily benefit £20 Nil
Golfing cover
Own equipment £1,500 £100
Hire of replacement Equipment £250 Nil
– daily benefit £35 Nil
Pre-booked green fees £250 Nil
Scuba Diving cover
Refer to limits under Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses and Abandonment headings Refer to excesses under Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses and Abandonment headings
Airspace Closure cover
Extended Cancellation Overall limit £5,000 £100
Excursions £250
Professional pet sitter fees £250
Enforced Stay Abroad Overall limit – unable to return home £1,500 Nil
Benefit for every 24 hour period £100
Overall limit – reasonable additional travel costs £1,000 Nil
Travel Disruption Cover
Extended Cancellation Overall limit £5,000 £100
Excursions £250
Professional pet sitter fees £250
Extended Abandonment Overall limit £5,000 £100
Excursions £250
Professional pet sitter fees £250
Delay outside the UK Delayed Departure benefit £250 Nil
Benefit for each 12 hour period £25


Comparing Aviva Travel Insurance to the Competition:

To fully understand Aviva’s value, comparing it to other options is helpful. Traffic Cameras contrasted it with competing plans so you could discover which would be most suited to your needs.

Comparing AXA and Aviva travel insurance:

AXA travel insurance offers good protection at fair pricing, providing good value. All plans include insolvency, baggage, cancellation, delay, curtailment coverage, and catastrophe insurance. AXA might be a more comprehensive travel insurance solution if you want coverage for end-seller failure and baggage included as standard. Also check Interested in West Midlands Traffic News?

Comparison of AA and Aviva travel insurance:

Another company that provides outstanding value is called AA Travel Insurance. Moreover, it offers more extended travel disruption protection. It covers abandonment and financial failure in addition to covering pre-existing conditions. All insurance covers personal belongings and baggage, though some travelers may need to find higher coverage limitations. Customers who buy things online can get a 20% discount for the first year if they sign up for it.

Comparison between Holidaysafe and Aviva travel insurance:

Travelers can choose from a wide variety of annual and single-trip travel insurance plans from Holidaysafe, each with a range of coverage levels to meet their needs. Plans that may be tailored to cover your specific interests, such as sailing, scuba diving, mountain biking, motorcycle riding, golf, running, triathlons, cycling, marathons, and winter sports, can be found at very affordable prices and offer good value. The market-average-priced Premier Plus plans provide coverage for financial collapse and natural disasters.



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