What do we do?

  • A community portal, website service.
  • A collection of cameras detailing the traffic situation at various locations.

How are we unique?

  • No website which links cameras together for the specific purpose of monitoring all kinds of traffic.
  • Layout and design of website allows end user to get to required information effortlessly.

Benefits to the user

  • By viewing the traffic situation in advance, the end user can determine whether or not to make a journey.
  • This reduces inefficient journey times by the user, resulting in increased road safety (with lesser cars on the road) and reduced congestion.


Is there a need for our service?

A market research of email users found:
  • 84% of people said this would be a good service
  • 66% of people said they would be interested in using it
  • 71% of people agreed that this would bring an improvement to their current alternative


Commercial value

  • There are 17 million UK households with access to the internet [statistics.gov.uk]
  • 73% of UK households have at least one car – with the UK population standing at 61 million this equates to 45 million households having at least one car [statistics.gov.uk]
  • Even if 1% of the target market visit, this equates to 450,000 unique visitors visiting.
  • If each visitor visits at least 3 times in a year this equates to 1.35m hits per hit i.e. almost 26,000 hits per week.


Existing Corporate customers

highways driver training

Get in touch

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