Driving without an MOT in the UK– what’s the risk

Driving without an MOT in the UK– what’s the risk

Driving Without an MOT: What’s the Risk?

The Ministry of Transport requires all UK vehicles to undergo a yearly MOT. It verifies the car’s safety and exhaust pollution compliance. For road use, cars over three years old must have a MOT. The law requires annual MOTs for most automobiles and vans over three years old. Of course, you can drive a car with a failed or expired MOT. Read on if you’re unsure if you’re driving without an MOT.

Going Around Without A Proper MOT

There are some grey areas when it comes to the MOT. You can’t drive a new car like a Jaguar XK8 without an MOT. These ordinary events will help you understand your predicament.

What to Do If You Miss a MOT?

The MOT Test For Your Car Failed

Your car can fail a new MOT test even though the old one is still good. Unless there are dangerous issues, you can fix your car and return it for a full or partial inspection. But your vehicle must always meet the bare minimum requirements for safety on the road. You can change your mind about a failed choice if you want to.

Forgot To Take a MOT

You can get in trouble for driving without a MOT if you miss your test and your certificate has passed. Get a two-year service or MOT plan to spread the expense. It will help you keep up with your car’s repairs.

Recall Your Car

Your MOT might not be suitable if a problem with your car causes it to be recalled. It would help if you asked the manufacturer. They probably didn’t make that choice without much thought, so you can be sure that the problem is significant and will make your car less safe to drive.

Bought A Car

Many cars don’t need a MOT until three years after registration. Before buying a secondhand automobile, check for a MOT and schedule a test at the time of sale or immediately. Motorists can drive without an MOT certificate for scheduled tests.

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Damage to Cars and MOTs

During a regular MOT test, your car’s exhaust system, engine, and certain parts of its body and structure are checked for damage. In short, damage to your car could cause it to fail a MOT. If your car is scrap, broken for parts, unsafe to drive, or has an expired MOT. The MOT of a fundamentally damaged but repairable and non-structurally damaged car may be satisfactory. In each case, it’s best to ask your insurance company.

Vehicle and MOT Changes

New number plates require new licences. Keep the registration to avoid a new MOT. During a MOT test, a risky car can result in a £2,500 fine, three months of suspension, and three penalty points.

Why Your MOT Must Be Suitable And Up-To-Date?

Health and Safety

A MOT test is mainly for legal health and safety concerns. Your car must be safe to drive for your and others’ safety. Safety hazards, including worn brake pads, might cause MOT failure. Driving it without fixing it increases your risk of an accident. Your safety and others’ are at stake if you don’t check your car before moving it.

Ticket Fees, Points, Penalties

Not having a legal MOT certificate may result in a fine. A £1000 fine for driving without a MOT. The police couldn’t tell you had a lousy MOT. ANPR-equipped police cars carry MOT-free cars.

Driving Without a MOT: How Can I Be Caught?

Your shop will tell the DVSA’s database what passes and what fails after a MOT test. Anyone with your number plate number can get this information, which could lead to you being charged. Automobile Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and systems in police cars can also flag vehicles that don’t have a legal certificate.

How Can I Tell You About Someone Who Doesn’t Have A MOT?

If you see a car on the road without a MOT, you can call the cops in your area. You will need the car’s licence plate, model, colour and place. The cops will look into it and could give the driver a £1000 fine.

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How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Miss My Test?

You can see their car’s MOT records and set maintenance alerts to ensure their services and MOTs are done on time. We can also examine any of their structures after the separation. The Division for Transport offers complimentary quick messages and reminders that your MOT is due a month from now.

  • You will require the car’s license plate.
  • an email address or mobile phone number
  • Get help, or MOT intends to spread the expense over two years. It will assist you with staying aware of your vehicle’s fixes.

Conclusion:Driving without an MOT

The MOT test is done yearly to guarantee your vehicle is protected and legitimately driving. Many individuals put off getting their driving licences without having their MOT refreshed. Yet, it’s illegal and can have severe outcomes on the off chance that you do.

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