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Some tourists speak, but Durham is an amazing county in North East England, just three hours by train from London and less than two from Edinburgh. Some of the motorways are incredibly modern; however, you’ve possibly thought it’s been around forever due to all the traffic jams you’ve had to sit in. No modern road or motorway sounds or feels good if you can’t travel 1 mile in peace! That’s why we’ve got live Durham traffic cameras at Traffic Cameras to ensure you can keep an eye on the traffic. Our Durham cameras are extensive and cover almost every junction along this busy motorway. Our library of Durham traffic cameras will ensure your journey is as congestion-free as possible. For example, our database of live Durham traffic cameras southbound will mean you can avoid traffic jams on your trip. Want to prevent Durham traffic? Look no further. At Traffic Cameras, our ethos is ensuring you get to where you want to go as comfortably and safely as possible. If you haven’t already, you can bookmark our motorway cameras in Durham quite easily. These Durham motorway cameras can then be accessed at the touch of a button. Durham live cameras on our site are easy to navigate and mean you never need to worry about Durham live traffic again. At Traffic Cameras, we’ve also covered other roads and motorways. So next time you’re planning a trip, make sure you check out our site. Plan, reduce congestion, and save lives.