How Much An Oil Change Costs In The UK

How Much An Oil Change Costs In The UK

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost in the UK? Your car needs its oil and filter replaced, regardless of whether it needs a complete or interim service. This post explains the process of how much an oil change costs at a nearby independent shop or dealership. Most automobile owners recognize the value of routine oil changes, and it’s critical to know the expenses to ensure you are receiving the best value for your money. Everything you need to know is below, along with an estimate of what you should budget for an oil change at a garage. You can also check oil change points before traveling at M6 Traffic news.

Average Cost of an Oil Change in the UK:

We called numerous auto repair shops in the UK to obtain quotations for three commonly owned UK cars: the Ford Fiesta, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and Audi A3. Our goal was to determine the average cost of an oil change. Finding out how much an oil change would cost will help you choose a high-quality shift that suits your needs since the results displayed a wide variety of pricing ranging from £60 to over £200.

Prices will specifically differ based on your location, the service shop you pick, and the size of your car’s engine. For instance, larger engine cars usually require more oil, and draining the extra oil might take longer, adding to the labor costs associated with oil changes.

As you can see, larger automobiles require more expensive oil changes. We calculated that an oil change for a 1.0-litre Ford Fiesta would cost approximately £100, a 1.5-litre Mercedes Benz A Class would cost about £115, and a 2.0-litre Audi A3 would cost about £125.

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What’s Involved With An Engine Oil And Filter?

If you’re curious about what precisely occurs during an oil change, it entails the following:

  • Take the sump plug out.
  • Empty the used oil into a pail.
  • Throw away the old oil.
  • Take out and swap out the filter.
  • Put the sump plug washer back in.
  • Fill the engine with fresh oil.
  • Service light reset using an OBD2 scanner

We have produced a comprehensive guide on replacing your car’s oil if you are willing to do it yourself. As seen in the Instagram video below, the only time-consuming aspect of changing oil in various vehicles is waiting for the oil to drain.

Does One Need To Replace The Filter?

Because oil filters are relatively cheap, it’s usually necessary to replace them when performing an oil change. If the filter isn’t returned, the new oil may pick up dirt and particles. It won’t be able to filter oil effectively because it won’t be replaced, making it whole.

What Is The Price Of An Oil Change?

After seeing what’s essential, you may wonder how much an oil change costs. An oil change at your neighborhood independent garage may run you anywhere from £80 to £150 on average or from £120 to £250 at a dealership. But the price of an oil change depends a lot on the car you drive. For instance, some automakers (like Bentley, Ferrari, etc.) might charge more, and some vehicles might utilize better engine oil. The oil, filter, and sump plug washer are the only expenses if you change your oil. The price ranges from £40 to £100.

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost? Factors

Numerous factors determine how often you should replace the oil in your car. They can include the kind of oil your vehicle uses, the places you travel, and the method you drive. While older cars can need more frequent oil changes, most current engines only need one every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. We advise consulting your owner’s manual for precise information about the recommended oil change intervals.

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How much does an oil change cost? Changing your Car’s Oil is pretty simple, and if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself. If you decide to change the oil yourself, keep the receipt for the oil and filter you used. When the time comes to sell the automobile, most purchasers will want to know about the oil change, which will serve as documentation of the oil change and the oil used.

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