Concerned with M11? Best Methods For Monitoring M11 Traffic News And Updates in UK

M11 Traffic News

M11 Traffic News:

The M11 freeway connects east London to the UK’s East Anglia region. It has a 52-mile length. The M11 travels through Essex after beginning at Junction 4 of the motorway in South Woodford. Harlow, Bishop’s Stortford, Duxford, and Saffron Walden are all places. It passes through before edging past the famed academic city of Cambridge and coming to a conclusion slightly to the north at Girton. According to M11 Traffic news, drivers then continue on the A14.

M11 Traffic News Live: 

Despite having a relatively modest length, the M11 highway is a major road in many ways. It carries the great majority of traffic going to Stansted Airport and is the main route from the east of the UK to Essex and into London.

One peculiarity of the M11 is that there are no junctions 1, 2, or 3 because those numbers were originally intended for a length of the inner road inside London. A single service station is also the only one. The central hub for M11 traffic is Birchanger Green Services, situated off Junction 8.

The M11’s Worst Intersections:

This section of the UK is served by the M11, which causes considerable congestion at various points. Keep abreast of the most recent M11 travel news and traffic updates if you are driving on this highway to prevent delays in your trip. Regularly crowded intersections include. Also check Here Are The Best Methods For Monitoring M60 UK Traffic

Junction 14:

As the highway ends at this intersection, traffic on M11 increases as motorists transfer to the A14 or A428 to eventually reach A1. The interchange is fairly crowded.

6th Junction:

This intersection is a transition point for several of the UK’s main thoroughfares, including the M1, M40, M4, M25, M20, and M23.

8th Junction:

In addition to being the entrance to the only service station on the M11, this intersection also acts as the exit for all traffic going to Stansted Airport, which is substantially more important.

Accidents on M11:

Even while current motorway safety has greatly improved, accidents can still happen without prior notice. Stay alert, drive safely, and avoid getting involved in any accidents by using the M11 traffic updates to learn about potential delays and problems.

While the length of the motorway between junctions eight and nine has heavy traffic and is a high-risk area, the area near junction 7 in Harlow is regarded as an accident hotspot. In 2011, a coach accident led to numerous casualties and the closure of the route in both directions, which stopped M11 traffic.

Major Upcoming Roadwork on The M11:

When calculating travel time, drivers should always account for road construction, taking into account. Any ongoing projects can cause delays-M11 traffic Updates can help. There will also be significant roadwork on the M11 shortly. These consist of:

12 to Junction 14:

This project involves bridge and embankment repairs at the Girton Interchange, new slip road markings, and illumination improvements. The start and end dates have not yet been determined.

Intersections 6 to 8:

The road surface between junctions 6 to 8, among the busiest on the M11, will be improved with new maintenance. The embankment will also need repairs, and a new driver-facing message is also proposed. Dates for the start and end are still being determined.

Intersections 9 Through 11:

Between junctions 9 and 10, junction nine will have new road markings. Also check Here Are Some Methods For Monitoring M27 Uk Traffic

M11 Traffic News Today:

  1. The road will close until Friday morning. Drivers asked to avoid the M11 near Stansted Airport.
  2. At around 4.45 am on Thursday, September 1, a collision between a Royal Mail lorry and a car transporter between junctions ten and eight southbound resulted in both catching fire.
  3. Drivers on the M11 northbound in Essex have been warned to expect delays because a caravan has overturned. A lane has shut down due to an accident close to Saffron Walden.
  4. “One lane restricted and queuing traffic due to an overturned caravan on M11 Northbound between J8A and J9 (Saffron Walden). Congestion to the other side owing to onlookers,” reports traffic monitoring system Inrix.
  5. There will be delays of 30 minutes, according to Highways England. If anyone is hurt, it is unknown at this time. Between junctions 8a and 9, a highway Camera image reveals a significant backlog of cars waiting to pass the incident.
  6. After an oil spill and fires on the Essex-Cambridgeshire boundary, the M11 southbound will be closed most of the day.

M11’s Traffic News at London-Bound

  1. After a collision involving a lorry and a car transporter, the M11’s London-bound side will likely remain blocked for Thursday.
  2. Between Junction 9 near Saffron Walden and Junction 8 near Bishop’s Stortford in Essex, the highway was shut down in both directions. Because of two fires that resulted in a significant oil spill that affected all lanes.
  3. According to Essex County Fire & Rescue Service, an HGV came off the road and caught fire down the embankment. A vehicle transporter caught fire on the roadway.
  4. Even though the transporter fire had been put out by 8.25 am, firefighters were still trying to put out the lorry fire. The process of recovering the automobiles and removing the debris was also starting. It is believed that the drivers had minor wounds.


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