Concerned With M3 Traffic? Here Are The Best Ways To Monitor M3 Uk Traffic Updates And News

M3 Traffic News

M3 Traffic News:

M3 traffic news updates. The M3 connects Southampton, Hampshire, and Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, across the nation’s southwest. The M3, which spans 59 miles, is one of the primary commuting routes into and out of the capital. You may directly access the A31, which runs down to Southampton and Bournemouth, by traveling southwest along the M3.

The M3’s initial phases of development started in 1971. It was finished in 24 years and made accessible to drivers in 1995. The old St. Catherine’s Hill fort (on the original M3 route design) caused controversy during the last stages of construction. After much discussion, it bypassed the monument entirely by cutting through the neighboring countryside to its southeast.

M3 Traffic News Live Updates:

Before connecting to the M27 at its southern terminus, the M3 cameras pass through Winchester, Basingstoke, Farnborough, and Chertsey. It is crucial to check for any M3 traffic updates before you leave for your trip because this is a well-traveled commuter route in the southwest of England and may get very crowded during peak hours. Also check Here Are The Best Methods For Monitoring M4 UK Traffic

The M3’s Worst Intersections:

There are some dangerous areas along the traffic M3 that you should consider when choosing your path. Before leaving, be careful to allow extra time and use to check for road updates and travel news M3.

Common intersections to be cautious of include the following ones:

Junction 12:

On the A335 traveling towards Allbrook, there is a general buildup of traffic due to two little double roundabouts that are near to one another.

Chilcomb Interchange, Junction 10:

Southampton’s substantial traffic can clog up the M3 and A31 intersection. On the A31, two roundabouts must be avoided, which can be challenging.

Junction 2:

It can be challenging to navigate the intersection that joins the M3 at junction 2 with the M25 at junction 12. It is crucial to plan your route early because of the heavy traffic and lanes that must be crossed as the roads diverge.

Junction 3:

Road users connecting from the M4 down the A322 to West London can cause congestion at this intersection in Lightwater.

Hotspots For Accidents On The M3:

Due to multiple routes coming from Winchester, Otterbourne, and the nearby towns, traffic is expected to congest the 2.8-mile connection between junctions 11 and 12. During peak travel periods, use extra caution due to the increased traffic.

The section between junctions 2 and 3 is regarded as an accident hotspot since it has two challenging intersections only a few miles apart. Near Winchester, Junction 9 is a crucial connection to the A34. Accidents frequently occur when there is much-moving traffic.

M3 Current Traffic:

The M3 crash: was terrifying. Two people are killed in a Heathrow four-car pileup, and the highway is closed.

In the early hours of today, a terrible four-car collision near Heathrow Airport claimed the lives of two people. At the crash scene, a 69-year-old driver and his 67-year-old female passenger were declared deceased. An air ambulance landing on the eastbound road during the collision, close to Heathrow Airport at around 12.45 in the morning, severely disrupted traffic in both directions.

The M3 has been closed from the west between junction three and junction two to the M25 due to the collision. “We are searching for witnesses to a single vehicle collision on the M3 this morning (20 July), after a car collided with the central reservation at around 12.45 am,” a Surrey Police spokesperson said. Sadly, the 69-year-old driver and the 67-year-old passenger died at the scene. Specialist officers assist and inform their nearest of kin.

“The collision occurred westbound toward Lightwater between Junctions 2 and 3, and the road will close for a few hours.” Two lanes on the eastbound carriageway have now been restored.” Following the catastrophic incident, the westbound lanes of the M3 are still closed between junctions 2 and 3 to enable police collision investigations. Eastbound traffic is also experiencing delays of 40 minutes due to the closure of two of the four lanes.

Major Roadwork On The M3:

Before you go, check for delays and roadwork along your route. Use for M3 traffic cameras and updates to help you prepare ahead of time and avoid delays.

M3 roadwork includes: Also check M20 Traffic News, Updates Cameras

From Junction 9 to Junction 14:

By upgrading to an intelligent Highway between the Winchester A34 interchange and the M27 Southampton junction, this significant project is expected to enhance conditions.

Junction 9:

In 2021, construction has reduced traffic and delayed at the intersection so that the M3 and A34 can move freely. The M3 highway stretches from Southampton in Hampshire down to Sunbury in Surrey. From the M25’s Junction 2, via Surrey Heath (including the congested A322 and A331 at Junctions 3 and 4), and on to Fleet Services, is one of its busiest portions.

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