Concerned For M5? Here Are Top Ways To Monitor M5 Traffic News And Updates In Uk

M5 Traffic News:

The UK’s South West and Midlands are connected via the M5 freeway. It begins at Junction 8 of the M6 in West Bromwich. M5 traffic news concludes in Exeter, Devon, covering just over 160 miles.

The M5 is a key entryway to several of the UK’s most well-liked vacation spots because of its location. It is frequently severely congested on weekends, holidays, and school breaks as cars from the Midlands—and further north, connecting from the M6—travel to Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. The M5 traffic news also offers access to several major UK cities, including Birmingham, Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, and Bristol, from various directions.

Traffic on M5:

Along with the M6, several major highways are connected to the M5. Drivers can access the M42 from Junction 4a, the M50 from Junction 8, the M4 from Junction 15, and the M49 from Junction 18a.

The Willow Man sculpture, which towers close to Junction 23 of the highway, and Brent Knoll, an impressive 139-meter-tall hill and Iron Age fort, are notable monuments that can be seen from the M5.

The M5’s Worst Intersections:

To avoid the worst delays, keep an eye on live M5 traffic updates, as some Motorway junctions tend to become busier than others. The following intersections have regular traffic:

15th Junction:

The M5 meets the M4, M48, and M32 at Almondsbury Junction, a four-story stack interchange. Traffic on the M5 is backed up in and around this intersection during rush hours. Also check Top Ways For Keeping Up With M25 UK Traffic Updates

19 to Junction 18:

The Avonmouth Bridge frequently turns into a bottleneck. The bridge had extended to four lanes in 2004 to ease traffic.

12th Junction:

In heavy traffic, lines for the exit at this intersection may extend onto the highway, resulting in lengthy tailbacks.

M5 Traffic News About Hotspots For Accidents:

Unfortunately, there have been several significant incidents on the M5 in recent years. Therefore, if you intend to drive on the highway, keep alert and be careful. Second, make sure you sign up for M5 traffic alerts.

Several incidents recently occurred on the section of the highway between Junctions 19 and 20 and Junctions 13 and 14.

Major Roadwork On The M5:

Some of the significant roadwork projects slated for the following years are likely to affect the M5 traffic flow. The best advice is to keep up with M5 travel news to know potential delays and backups.

M5 Junctions 4a to 6:

The start of this project was in January 2016. The changes will transform the road into an “all-lanes-running” smart highway between Junctions 4a and 6. Each way has an additional lane, but during construction, it expects lane closures and delays.

M5 Junctions 1 Through 2:

It will complete a large maintenance project in the upcoming year. It entails waterproofing and concrete rehabilitation on the Oldbury Viaduct, located just west of West Bromwich. While construction is ongoing, motorists should use alternate routes because of 30 mph speed limits and altered road configurations near junctions 8 of the M6 and 4a of the M5.

M5 Junction 23:

It plans to widen the slip roads at the Bridgwater junction. However, check M5 traffic updates to appreciate the inconvenience. Also check Looking For M42 Traffic Updates?

Live M5 Traffic News From Today, Live Cctv News:

  1. The M5 closed after an early morning automobile and truck collision.
  2. Due to a lorry collision and a car, the M5 boundary has closed between Devon and Somerset.
  3. Northbound traffic has been on the highway between junctions 26 and 27 (A361 Tiverton) (A38 Wellington and Taunton).
  4. Three fire engines are reportedly on the scene, along with additional emergency services. The predicted time for normal traffic is between 5.45 and 6 am.
  5. There are currently reports of delays on the M5 of up to 90 minutes due to an accident. The two-vehicle incident happened this morning on the M5 northbound between Junction 20 Clevedon and J19 Gordano Services close to Bristol.
  6. According to BristolLive, there have been lines that extend over nine kilometers. At the moment, the emergency services are on the scene.
  7. “We are now at the scene of a two-vehicle collision on the M5, between Junction 20 (Clevedon) and Junction 19 (Gordano/Portishead”),” according to an Avon and Somerset Police spokeswoman.
  8. Currently, two of the three lanes are blocked, but normal traffic is anticipated between 11.45 and 12 o’clock.

Route Details For The Detour:

Following the solid circle diversion symbol used on traffic signs for drivers:

  1. Leave the M5 at J27, and then take the third exit onto the A38 at the roundabout.
  2. Continue on the A38 through Wellington, and then take the fourth exit at the Chelston roundabout to go to the M5 J26.
  3. Take the second exit at the following roundabout to rejoin the M5 heading north and carry on your journey.


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