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Did you know the M62 connects Liverpool and Manchester with Leeds and Hull? It’s fascinating how the two most successful clubs in England (as of 2022) have a motorway, kind of, just for them. Further, it stretches an impressive 107 miles long. Bet you didn’t know that? We didn’t either! However, if you’ve been misfortunate enough to get stuck in M62 traffic, you’ll think even a mile is too much! At Traffic Cameras, we’ve got a library of M62 cameras. They’re not just any kind of camera library. They’re M62 live cameras or also known as M62 traffic cameras. So what can you expect with M62 traffic cameras live? Simple methods to help you avoid traffic jams and reduce congestion on our roads. By reducing congestion, you’re reducing the risk of accidents as well. Win-win. M62 traffic live database is literally that traffic cameras M62 to help you avoid traffic. So the next time you’re making a trip to Old Trafford or Anfield, check out our M62 camera and M62 live pages. Don’t forget there’s a load to see in Manchester and Liverpool. Too many for us to mention here, but you never know. We may introduce a ‘visit to’ page. At Traffic Cameras, we’ve got other roads and motorways covered. So next time you’re planning a trip, make sure you check out our site. Plan ahead, reduce congestion and save lives.