Want To Know About AA Travel Insurance? Here Are Top Reviews Of AA Travel Insurance

AA Travel Insurance Reviews

Review of AA Travel Insurance: Seeking Good Value?

The Standard Plan from AA Travel Insurance is comprehensive and reasonably priced.

Good for:

  • Getting a 20% online discount,
  • Giving AA members extra benefits,
  • Including kids for free, and
  • Including personal belongings and luggage on all plans

Bad for:

  • Covering expensive luggage,
  • Using frequent flier miles to pay for tickets,
  • And covering longer than allowed trips

AA’s higher-tier travel insurance policies offer exceptional value, pre-existing condition coverage, and desirable features. In contrast, lower-tier policies may need to be adjusted for some travellers. Additionally, customer complaints about the claims procedure could be more satisfactory. Here are some strengths and areas for development for AA travel insurance at Traffic Cameras.

Review of AA Travel Insurance: What You Should Know

  • How reliable is AA Travel Insurance? Compared to their lower-tier Bronze/Bronze Essential plans, the higher-tier Silver/Silver Essential and Gold/Gold Essential travel insurance plans offer good value.
  • We like the “Travel Disruption” advantage of the Silver/Silver Essential and Gold/Gold Essential policies, which pays good additional hotel and public transportation costs.
  • A catastrophe (such as a fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, the outbreak of food poisoning or an infectious disease, flood, explosion, storm, or riot);
  • The accommodation provider, the transportation provider, or their booking agents are going bankrupt.
  • The public transportation on which you had reservations being postponed, cancelled, or delayed for at least 12 hours; or
  • Being forcibly denied boarding with no acceptable substitute offered

Lower Tier of AA 

The coverage amounts for Bronze/Bronze Essential plans may need to be revised in case of a travel catastrophe because they are pretty simple. For instance, cancellation insurance costs just £1,000. Even so, these plans still cover many medical emergencies (£5 million for Bronze and £10 million for Bronze Essential). It is only appropriate for people who want travel insurance, primarily for emergency health coverage or for people who need to protect affordable vacations.

Beyond lower overall limits, some of the most notable restrictions of the Essential plan are the absence of travel disruption coverage for unforeseeable events like storms or volcanic eruptions, the absence of hospital benefits, and the absence of the delayed arrival benefit.

Customer Testimonials, However, Need To Be More Credible.

If you travel with AA, keep your trips under the allotted time limit; otherwise, any claims will be rejected. Longer journeys are possible thanks to direct policies’ options of 30, 44, or 61 days.

Reviews And Ratings From Customers Of AA Travel Insurance

How trustworthy is AA Travel Insurance? High marks are given to AA Insurance for the benefits offered by AA travel insurance. While we concur that AA travel insurance policies score highly for features, their client feedback could be more consistent. We read hundreds of reviews to find out what actual customers had to say about AA travel insurance.

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Trip Insurance from AA Trustpilot

Over 11,000 customers have given AA Insurance a total rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars at traffic cameras, with 62% rating their experience as “Excellent,” leaving only 1 star for those with a less-than-ideal experience. In the past year, their Trustpilot rating went from 3.5 to 4.2, which gave us the idea that they were trying to improve the customer experience, which is good. Here is a list of some of the more specific criticisms and compliments:

  • “I have insurance with the AA for my car, house, and travel. Their prices seem comparable, and renewing online is simple.”
  • “Have complete faith in AA.” They are very professional and helpful. I have travel, auto, and breakdown insurance.
  • “My annual travel insurance used to be purchased directly from AXA. However, they stopped doing business under their name, but AXA published a list of other insurers it was underwriting. I chose AA since it was the cheapest, and I could submit my pre-existing medical problems online.
  • My decision to look for an underwriter at AXA was based on how well two other claims, which will be optional, were handled.
  • “Now that the travel claim is almost a month old, I’ve spent hours chasing down phone information that is inaccurate, incomplete, and misleading.” They should give me an update in 10 days after I called them today and left a message. However “Probably the worst customer experience I’ve ever had.”
  • “Unacceptable customer service: I filed a claim, but AA has yet to respond. I’ve called five times only to be told we’ll call you back, but nothing has happened. I complained, but I am still waiting to receive a response. “Nobody at AA has even acknowledged that they have the claim in the past two months.” Also Check Top 10 UK car insurance companies 

Price Comparison by AA

Based on our data analysis, we were usually less expensive than the average travel insurance price in the UK. To get an idea of how much our test travellers would have to pay; we looked at two age groups and gathered some sample quotes (35 and 65 years old).

How much is AA Travel Insurance (annual policy)? Geographic Coverage Bronze Silver Gold
65 year old Europe £56 £69 £81
Worldwide ex USA £92 £114 £133
Worldwide £137 £163 £186
Worldwide with High Blood Pressure £193 £229 £261
35 year old Europe £23 £30 £38
Worldwide ex USA £37 £50 £61
Worldwide £53 £66 £79

A family of four pays twice as much for insurance as an individual. However, kids are covered for free and family policies with and without winter sports coverage are available.

AA Travel Insurance Policy Types

Through their website, AA provides three levels of single- and multi-trip travel insurance: Bronze (less coverage), Silver (more coverage), and Gold (the highest tier). Through comparison websites, AA also offers three types of travel insurance: Bronze Essential, Silver Essential, and Gold Essential.

Limits on AA Travel Insurance (Single Trip and Annual, Multi-Trip)

AA Cover Limits Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Essential Silver Essential Gold Essential
Excess £150 £80 £50 £150 £95 £50
Cancellation/Curtailment £1,000 £3,000 £5,000 £1,000 £3,000 £5,000
Baggage (Single Article) £500 (£225) £1,500 (£300) £2,500 (£400) £500 (£225) £1,500 (£300) £2,500 (£400)
Medical Emergency £5 Million £10 Million £15 Million £10 Million £10.00 Million £10 Million
Emergency Dental £350 £400 £500 £200 £300 £400
Hospital Benefit (Total) No Cover £300 (£15/day) £600 (£25/day) Zero Cover £200 (£10/day) £300 (£15/day)
UK Rehabilitation Cover no No Cover (AA member £1,000) Zero Cover (AA member £1,000) No Cover  Cover No No Cover
Prescriptions No Cover £50 £50 No Cover Zero Cover No Cover
Missed Departure £500 £750 £1,000 £300 £500 £750
Delayed Arrival (Total) No Cover £100 (£30 first 12 hrs; then £10/12 hrs) £100 (£30 first 12 hrs; then £10/12 hrs) No Cover £100 (£20 first 12 hrs; then £10/12 hrs) £100 (£20 first 12 hrs; then £10/12 hrs)
Travel Disruption No Cover £3,000 £5,000 No Cover £3,000 £5,000
Total Valuables £300 £400 £750 £250 £300 £500
Delayed Baggage £150 £250 £300 £150 £200 £250
Loss of Passport and Personal Money £225 £500 £750 £225 £250 £400
Cash (£50 if under 16) £225 £300 £500 £175 £200 £300
Legal expenses £25,000 £50,000 £50,000 £10,000 £25,000 £25,000
Personal Liability £1 Million £2 Million £2 Million £1 Million £2 Million £2 Million

Cover Limits for AA Winter Sports Cover

AA Cover Limits Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Essential Silver Essential Gold Essential
Ski Equipment (owned) £500 £750 £1,000 £500 £600 £750
Ski equipment (hired) £250 £260 £270 200 £200 £200
Ski equipment single article limit £225 £300 £400 £225 £300 £400
Hire of ski equipment £200 £300 £300 £150 200 £200



Who writes the travel insurance for AA?

AXA Insurance UK plc underwrites, sells, and manages AA travel insurance.

Does AA Travel Insurance cover trips to the United Kingdom?

AA plans cover UK travel in a hotel, motel, vacation rental, bed & breakfast, or other paid housing, or if transportation is at least 50 miles from home.

What plans are considered “essential”?

Comparison websites are where you can purchase AA “Essential” policies. Compared to buying directly from AA, they have slightly different terms, features, and restrictions. Generally, the “Essential” policies may be less expensive but offer fewer coverage and options. Consider both before making a choice. Also Check Navigating for Tyne & Wear Traffic News?

If I don’t reside in the UK, can I still purchase AA Travel Insurance?

No. The policy does not cover non-UK citizens because it only applies to UK citizens. England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands are considered part of the United Kingdom (UK).

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