Want To Know About Admiral Travel Insurance? Here Are Top Reviews of Admiral Travel Insurance In UK

Admiral Travel Insurance Reviews

Review of Admiral Travel Insurance: Top Tiers Offer Catastrophe Coverage

Admiral Travel Insurance is simple, cost-effective designs that are thorough in safeguarding mobile phones and other devices, you may add £1,000 of gadget coverage.

Well for

  • All policies cover personal belongings and luggage, and you can add coverage for gadgets worth ¬£1,000
  • Long single travels; trip delay; trip cancellation; or trip curtailment
  • Catastrophe insurance for hurricanes and ash clouds. (Gold and Platinum Plans)

Poor for

  • Covering End Supplier Insolvency


Three levels of travel insurance coverage are available from Admiral, all at highly affordable rates, including personal belongings protection (including delayed baggage on all plans). If you want to be protected from natural disasters like ash clouds from volcanoes and storms, choose Gold or Platinum. Policyholders can also buy extras like winter sports, gadgets, golf, and cruises already covered by Platinum. However, Admiral Policies do not include coverage for End Supplier Failure.

To help you decide where to buy, read our review to learn about the benefits and costs of Admiral Travel Insurance. We’ll also talk about the critical differences between buying directly from the Admiral website and using a tool to compare travel insurance. Price ranges and features you find helpful will help you decide on the best travel insurance. Please limit your options using the information in this review.

Review of Admiral Travel Insurance: Important Information

Admiral offers three annual and single-trip travel insurance plans: Admiral, Gold, and Admiral Platinum. All insurance policies offer coverage for the following: trip cancellation, emergency medical, trip delay/missed departure, legal assistance, personal accident, and personal belongings. Policies in the middle tier (Gold) and the top tier (Platinum) also cover disasters. Plans in the top tier also cover cruises and hijackings. However, there is no defense against service providers’ financial collapse, such as airline or hotel chains.

Winter Sports can be added to all insurance tiers as an optional extra fee. The top two tiers‚ÄĒAdmiral Gold and Admiral Platinum‚ÄĒcan add features like Gadget and Golf cover for a fee. These features can’t be added to the Admiral plan’s entry-level tier. Admiral Platinum policies come standard with cruise coverage, and lower-tier policies can add it for a fee.

Optional coverage for cabin confinement, emergency airlift to hospital, skipped port, and new excursions are available to cruise passengers.

How Can I Buy it?

You can buy Admiral Travel insurance directly from Admiral or through Traffic Cameras. No matter where you purchase your policy, the fundamental limits remain the same. In general, plans from comparison sites typically cost less (around 20% less, in fact, for Annual, Multi-trip policies, according to our pricing analysis). Still, they have a higher excess for the same cover levels. These differences between buying direct and buying from a comparison site mainly involve excess and price. A higher excess entails a more significant contribution to any claims. It’s a good idea to check the website to see what discounts are being offered now, as online purchases from direct sellers occasionally come with a 10% discount.

Are Devices (like Phones) Covered?

On all plans, the Valuables section of the cover offers some protection for gadgets, including mobile phones. However, depending on which plan you select, the standard Valuables limit of £200, £300, or £400 may be too low for you. Suppose you often travel with many expensive gadgets. Optional Gadget Cover is something you might want to add to an Admiral Gold or Admiral Platinum policy. Optional Gadget Cover is not an add-on to Admiral Plans, which are the lowest level of coverage. You can add this to your policy if you purchase directly from the seller or through a comparison website.

Cost to Upgrade Gadget Cover

Type of Plan Add-On Gadget Cover Limit Per Item Limit Additional Cost
Annual, Multi-Trip Policies £1,000 £500 £49.92
Single Trip Policies £1,000 £500 £13.92


Does Admiral Travel Insurance cover visits to the United Kingdom?

Admiral plans will cover trips to the UK if you have booked at least two nights in a commercially run hotel more than 25 miles from your home.

Existing circumstances:

Admirals can provide coverage for some pre-existing medical conditions for a higher premium. Only when you have declared your pre-existing conditions, Admiral has accepted them in writing, and you have paid an additional premium are they covered.

Over 65s:

¬†Admiral’s Annual Multi-Trip insurance has an age restriction of 75 years or less for travelers; for Single Trips, the age restriction is 79 years or less. The age restriction for winter sports coverage is 65 years.

Comparing Prices with Admiral:

Our data analysis revealed that Admiral Travel Insurance costs were significantly less than the UK’s average travel insurance cost. As shown in the following chart of Annual, Multi-trip plans by geography, even Admiral’s top-tier Platinum policies perform below average.

Depending on the region and kind of plan, the rates of Annual, Multi-trip insurance via comparison websites were between £5 and £10 less expensive than plans purchased directly from Admiral, according to the data we gathered. It represents a 20% reduction.

Also, we got prices for Admiral plans for a family of four from the Admiral website. These policies will cost twice as much on average as an individual policy (basically, kids go free). The pricing variations for different policy kinds and geographical places, such as Europe and America, are shown below for a family of four. One would anticipate paying less for plans purchased from a comparison website.

How much more expensive is four-person family travel insurance?

Type Geography Admiral Plan Family of Four Premium Winter Sports Add-On Cost Family of Four Total Premium, incl. Winter Sports
Multi-trip Europe Admiral £43 £11 £54
Gold £56 £14 £70
Platinum £64 £16 £81
Worldwide ex USA, Canada & the Caribbean Admiral £67 £20 £87
Gold £87 £26 £113
Platinum £100 £30 £130
Worldwide Admiral £81 £28 £110
Gold £106 £37 £143
Platinum £122 £43 £164
Single Trip Europe Admiral £22 £18 £40
Gold £28 £24 £52
Platinum £33 £28 £60
Worldwide ex USA, Canada & the Caribbean Admiral £39 £39 £77
Gold £50 £50 £101
Platinum £58 £58 £116
Worldwide Admiral £52 £57 £109
Gold £68 £73 £142
Platinum £79 £85 £163


Cost of Optional Extras:

Some Admiral Travel insurance packages can have coverage for winter sports, cruises, gadgets, and golf added for an extra fee. We got quotes for a 30-year-old person from different places and policy types to give you an idea of how much add-ons to travel insurance cost. These prices reflect policies purchased straight from the Admiral website.


Type Geography Admiral Plan Golf Gadget Cruise Winter Sports
Multi-trip Europe Admiral n/a n/a £6.35 £5.29
Gold £13.74 £49.92 £8.24 £6.88
Platinum £15.85 50 included £7.93
Worldwide ex USA, Canada & the Caribbean Admiral n/a n/a £9.86 £9.86
Gold £21.36 £49.92 £12.82 £12.82
Platinum £24.65 £49.92 included £14.80
Worldwide Admiral n/a n/a £11.98 £13.97
Gold £25.94 £49.92 £15.56 £18.16
Platinum £29.93 £49.92 included £20.95
Single Trip Europe Admiral n/a n/a £11.40 £14.53
Gold £14.82 £13.92 £14.82 £12.60
Platinum £17.09 £13.92 included £9.70
Worldwide ex USA, Canada & the Caribbean Admiral n/a n/a £11.98 £20.33
Gold £25.94 £49.92 £15.56 £26.42
Platinum £29.93 £49.92 included £30.49
Worldwide Admiral n/a n/a £15.53 £29.66
Gold £20.18 £13.92 £20.18 £38.56
Platinum £23.29 £13.92 included £44.48


 Purchasing Directly vs. Using a Comparison Website

Buying an Admiral Travel insurance policy using a comparison engine will save you money. Of course, there is a cost. Policies that are otherwise almost identical change only in a few details. First, the excess on the comparison site policies is more significant. Second, the upper age restriction for insurance obtained through a comparison site is lower.

Policy Distinctions Between Direct and Comparison Sites

Direct from Admiral Website From Comparison Site
Admiral  Gold  Platinum Admiral  Gold  Platinum
Upper Age Limit‚ÄĒSingle Trip 78 79 79 75 75.00 75
Upper Age Limit‚ÄĒAnnual, Multi-Trip 75 75 80 70 70 71
Days per Trip‚ÄĒAnnual 30 31 31 30 31 31
Upper Age Limit‚ÄĒWinter Sports 64 65 65.5 65 65 66


You’ll notice that the upper age limit for Winter Sports is the same¬†regardless of where you buy, as is the maximum trip length on Annual and Multi-trip insurance (31 days).

Notable Characteristics:

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits available with Admiral Travel Insurance. Admiral insurance offers standard features such as Medical and Personal Liability, the limitations for which can be found in the Policy Limits section below.

Admiral Travel Insurance Features         

  1. Trip Cancellation:

Cover for unused travel and accommodation expenses if you have to cancel a trip before you leave home or cut a trip short in case of emergency; covers expenses such as car hire, excursions, and activities, car parking fees, deposits/package holiday cancellation fees, accommodation and travel costs, cancellation charges for professional pet sitters; valid reasons include death or illness, redundancy, home damage, passport or visa theft, court cases.; £1,500, £3,000 or £5,000 of cover

 2. Travel Delay/Abandonment:

Cover for every total 12-hour delay should you eventually go on the trip; the cover should you decide to abandon a trip after a 24-hour delay (of pre-booked aircraft, ship, or train); International trips only

3. Baggage Delay:

Up to the policy limits if your belongings are missing for more than 12 hours following your arrival at your destination. It will help you buy new essential toiletries, medicines, and clothes (or, if your insurance policy covers it, rent temporary sports equipment).

4. Missed Departure:   

Cover for travel and accommodation expenses for the missed international departure of aircraft, ship, or train resulting from public transport failure/delay (excluding taxis but including connecting flights), vehicle breakdown or accident, breakdown or accident ahead of you on the motorway causing delays, strike, industrial action or adverse weather conditions

5. Catastrophe: 

Included on the top two tiers‚ÄĒGold and Platinum; cover for fire, storm, lightning, avalanche, landslide, explosion, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic activity (including ash cloud), flood, tidal wave, tsunami, medical epidemics, or pandemic; cover for additional travel or accommodation, pre-paid accommodation plus missed excursion costs; not available on “Admiral plans,” the lowest tier of cover.

6. Golf: 

OPTIONAL cover for Gold and Platinum plans; £1,500 for damaged, lost or stolen clubs and equipment; hired replacement equipment covered up to £500 (£50/day); green fees up to £500 (£50/day)

7. Gadgets:   

OPTIONAL cover for lost, stolen, or damaged gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and kindles.; can only be added to Admiral Gold and Platinum policies; you can claim for at most three gadgets, up to £500 for any single item and £1,000 overall

8. Cruise:

Platinum plans include it. Optional cover for lower tiers; cover includes Missed Port Departure, cabin confinement, Unused Excursions, and Cruise Interruption; purchasing this optional Cruise cover is necessary for your travel insurance to be valid on any trip involving a cruise; no claims of any kind will be covered for a trip involving a cruise unless you have purchased the optional Cruise cover.

9. Winter Sports: 

Optional extra cover available on all plans for up to 17 days per policy term; age limit 65 years; purchasing this optional Winter Sports cover is necessary for your travel insurance to be valid on any trip involving Winter Sports

10. Personal Belongings/Baggage:

Personal belongings and baggage cover included on all policies, up to £1,000, £1,500 or £2,500; limits on single items (e.g., mobile phones)/valuables of £200, £300 or £400; winter sports and golf equipment is not covered (but can be covered through Winter Sports or Golf pack add ones); belongings left in a car are not covered.

11. Scuba Diving:   

Covered up to a depth of 30 meters (qualified divers) or 18 meters (unqualified)

12. Insolvency:   

Not covered

Admiral Travel Insurance Policy Types:

Admiral Travel Insurance has three tiers: Admiral, Gold, and Platinum. All of these policies are available for single trips as well as annual, multi-trip coverage. Admiral Single Trip travel insurance covers trips abroad for up to 365 days. Annual Multi-Trip policies from Admiral cover trips that last up to 31 days each. If the underwriter agrees, you can pay extra to make the maximum trip length longer. Plans bought from the Admiral website or a comparison site have the following policy limits and plan details. Also Check Review of Holidaysafe Travel Insurance

  1. Admiral Vacation Insurance

The “Admiral” plan is their most basic travel insurance option. Travel delays, trip cancellations or curtailments, personal belongings are covered up to ¬£1,000 per insured person, and emergency medical expenses are covered up to ¬£10 million. Winter Sports and Cruise covers are available as add-ons to It’s¬†most basic plans; however, Golf and Gadget covers are not.

  1.  Gold Travel Protection Insurance

Gold insurance is Admirals’ mid-tier option, with higher limits and catastrophe coverage (e.g., volcanic ash, earthquake, storm, flood, and tsunami). Cruise, winter sports, golf, and gadget coverage can be added for an additional fee.

  1. Platinum Travel Insurance

It is the top-tier travel insurance plan with excellent per-person coverage limits. If the Platinum premium fits within your budget, you’ll get the most comprehensive coverage with this plan. Cruise cover is standard on Platinum policies, in addition to the advantages of the Gold plans.

Cover Limitations (Single & Annual Multi-Trip)

Admiral Gold  Platinum
Cancellation or cutting short your trip £1,500 £3,000 £5,000
Emergency medical treatment & repatriation £10 million £15 million £20 million
Personal belongings £1,000 £2,000 £2,500
Single item/valuables limit £200 £300 £400
Missed departure £500 £750 £1,000
Travel delay; abandonment up to £250 (£25/12 hrs); £2,500 more then £250 (£25/12 hrs); £2,500 up to £300 (£25/12 hrs); £5,000
Money & documents £300 £400 £500
Personal accident £10,000 £15,000 £25,000
Personal liability £3 million up to £3 million £3 million
Legal assistance £20,000 £20,000 £25,000
Catastrophe n/a £1,000 £1,500
Hijack n/a n/a £1,000
Cruise Negotiable Optional Included
Winter Sports Optional Acceptable Optional
Golf Cover Optional Negotiable Optional
Gadget Cover Acceptable Optional Optional


How Do the Competitors Compare to It?

It should be compared to other options to get a good idea of its worth. We contrasted it with competing plans so you can discover which would be most suited to your needs.

Comparing Direct Line and Admiral Travel Insurance:

For trips paid for using air miles or another rewards program, Direct Line travel insurance plans cover End Supplier Failure, Natural Disasters, and the replacement cost of accrued points or miles in the event of trip cancellation or curtailment. Even though the prices are a little higher than usual, our research shows that you get these extra coverage features even though the prices are a little higher. Baggage is one unexpected extra you’ll have to pay for, as it’s not included in the base price.


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