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Where Can I Find Free Electric Car Charging Points Near Me?

Free Electric Car Charging Points

The window for free electric car charging points near me is shrinking as electric vehicles become popular, but there are still plenty of possibilities. You might be wondering where they all are if you drive an electric car (EV) in the capital. This thorough guide will assist you in locating free EV charging stations nearby. You’ll discover the kinds of available free charging stations, where to find them, and what the outlook is for EV charging in the future. You can find EV points from live traffic cameras Scotland. Traffic Scotland cameras help you find perfect free stations from your nearest location.

How Many Public EV Charging Stations Are Available?

The UK has a sizable number of free electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, which might surprise you. According to the poll, there will be 3,568 free charging stations in the UK as of April 2023, accounting for about 8.5% of all EV charging stations. There are numerous towns, cities, and sites where these free charging stations can be found.

What Varieties Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Are Available in the UK?

The two types of charging are direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). In most cases, AC is used for what is referred to as destination setting but is typically slower. DC charging, also referred to as quick charging, is a common method for adding a considerable amount of energy in a brief period (about 45 minutes or less).

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Slow Chargers:

Slow chargers, often located in homes or public parking lots, take six to twelve hours to charge an electric vehicle fully. While charging for up to 12 hours, even overnight, may seem like a long time, it’s crucial to remember that setting from zero to full is quite uncommon and is akin to driving your gasoline or diesel car until the tank is empty before filling it back up.

Fast Chargers:

As you might expect from the name, fast chargers’ higher kilowatt rate causes charge times to start to accelerate. These are the chargers you can find in places like supermarkets or parking lots. Many establishments that have fast charging stations provide free charging to customers as a perk. According to the type of charging point, charging times can typically range from one to six hours.

Fast Charging Stations:

Rapid chargers charge vehicles using direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), in contrast to slow and fast chargers. DC, as the name might imply, allows the charge station to charge a vehicle considerably more quickly; normally, it takes 20 to 40 minutes (or the time it takes to get a coffee and stretch your legs) to charge an electric vehicle’s battery fully. Finding a free-to-use quick charge point is uncommon because of its high maintenance expenses. However, there are still a few scattered throughout the UK, especially in Scotland.

Ultra-Rapid Charging:

These EV charging stations, which use the fastest and most modern technology, are also being erected in locations like motorways or charging hubs. It reduces the charging time to 20 to 30 minutes, but users will likely pay a price for these ultra-rapid points.

Even while there are an increasing number of electric vehicles on the market that can enable ultra-rapid charging, it’s crucial to remember that many of them are only capable of 100kW or less.

Free Electric Car Charging Stations Near Me:

With 1,060 free EV chargers, Scotland is leading the way, largely because of ChargePlace Scotland, a government-backed project. Greater London has 355, and the South East of England comes in second with 489 free chargers. With approximately 50% of its chargers being free, Northern Ireland also stands alone.

Free EV Charging Stations Near Me:

Free EV charging stations are frequently seen in busy intersections or other tourist destinations. These consist of:

  • Grocery stores: Locations like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, and Lidl have free EV charging stations. However, it’s worth double-checking before you go because not all supermarkets offer this service.
  • Attractions: Free EV charging stations are frequently available at museums, zoos, theatres, garden centers, and National Trust locations.
  • Hotels and bed-and-breakfasts: Many lodgings provide complimentary EV charging to their visitors.
  • Parking lots: Visitor and commuter EV charging stations are frequently available in public, retail, and business parking lots.

Types of free EV chargers:

Fast (destination) chargers make up the majority of free EV charging stations, accounting for 2,999 or 84% of all free chargers. Additionally, 174 free rapid chargers and 395 free slow chargers are available. However, as more people transition to EVs, the number of free, fast charges may decline in the future.

Uber’s Environmental Program:

Uber is significantly influencing the electric vehicle (EV) industry and plans to run entirely on electricity in London by 2025. Over 700 charging points have been erected in north and east London, expanding the city’s network by around 7%. Residents of Redbridge, Newham, and Brent benefit from these charges because all motorists and residents can use them.

Uber’s dedication to sustainability is also evident in its Uber Green service, which enables users to order an electric vehicle at market prices. In London, there are currently over 7,000 EVs using the Uber network and traveling one million electric kilometers weekly. 90% of new Uber drivers use fully electric vehicles, which shows how Uber’s actions are significantly advancing the EV market and promoting a future that is more environmentally friendly.

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How Can I Locate Free Electric Car Charging Points Near Me?

It’s simpler than you would think to locate free EV charging stations close to you. Numerous websites and apps may be used to find free EV charging stations. You can use the payment filter and “free to use” to find unset charging stations. The program also shows the network, charging type (slow, rapid, or quick), and user evaluations of the charging point’s reliability and accessibility. We recommend a backup charging location because free chargers are often slow and in high demand.

Future Of Free Electric Car Charging Points Near Me:

Free EV Charging Stations are a terrific asset, but fewer will likely be available in the future. Some local government agencies and businesses may stop providing free charging as more people switch to EVs. Even so, refueling an EV costs less than doing the same for a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

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